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Association of Senior Teachers from Public Vocational Education and Training Centres in the Basque Country

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It is a non-profit association of senior vocational education and training teachers with extensive educational and management experience in VET centres.

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Now we are 40 members

We are a group of senior teachers from different disciplines within the VET sector.

Since 2016

Improving the quality of Vocational Educationand Training System

We work on areas of expertise

We master this field of action endorsed by our professional careers.

VET centres

We work in collaboration with all the VET centres in the Basque Country

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Based on our experience, we dialogue and position ourselves on social and technological topics of interest.

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Lanbide Heziketako Talentuaren Euskal Institutua - iTlent


Sarah - The WHO Virtual Assistant

On 2nd April 2024, the World Health Organization launched Sarah, a Virtual Assistant that offers personalized and accurate health advice, using Artificial Intelligence.

Designed to combat online health misinformation, Sarah provides reliable information on a wide range of health topics and promotes healthy habits too. With empathetic and personalized dialogue capabilities, this prototype represents a step forward in the use of digital technologies for public health, emphasizing the potential of AI to improve access to quality health information.

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Lanbide Heziketako Talentuaren Euskal Institutua - iTlent


VET-Park Forum 2024

The 9th VET-Park Forum, organized by the Euskadi Technology Park, Hetel and Ikaslan, brought together a thousand students from Euskadi to explore the employability and potential of Vocational Education and Training in the scientific-technological sectors.

In Miñano, Vitoria-Gasteiz, 210 students from various centres had the opportunity to interact with professionals and visit leading companies, highlighting the value of VET in innovation and adaptation to the industrial demands of Euskadi, and promoting interest in scientific disciplines. technologies among young people.

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Lanbide Heziketako Talentuaren Euskal Institutua - iTlent


Uncontrolled aging in Euskadi

Euskadi is experiencing accelerated aging, reaching a rate of 169.8% in 2023, exceeding the national average. This increase represents a growth of 4.7 percentage points compared to the previous year, with Bizkaia standing out with the highest index.

The Adecco Foundation highlights the importance of integrating the population over 50 years of age into the labor market.

The ISEAK Foundation study reveals that ageism has become normalized in the workplace. Age discrimination also extends to other areas, and active policies against any type of discrimination are called for. .

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Lanbide Heziketako Talentuaren Euskal Institutua - iTlent


Current technologies

The 21st century has been marked by accelerated evolution in the technological field, radically transforming both interpersonal relationships and business environments.

Global connectivity and advances in computing and telecommunications are just the beginning of what promises to be an era of unprecedented innovations.

Among the most prominent emerging technologies are metaverses, which merge augmented and virtual reality to create multisensory interactions in digital environments, opening new possibilities in education and the digital economy.

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Due to our experience, we dialogue and position ourselves on different social and technological issues of interest.

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Upskilling agenda

Know about our training proposal on four types of skills: Technical, digital, transversal and green.

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