March 2024 News


March 2024

General Assembly of Zahar eta Gazte at the CIFP San Jorge, Santurtzi

The agenda of the meeting that we held before the visit to the centre's facilities included various topics of interest:

Details of the 2024 Activity Plan, objectives, budget, expected results. We still have to assign people responsible for some of the planned activities.

The approach of ZG on training, which includes several elements: A Training Management Model. A list of the most relevant skills and a the digital solutions that favour them. The Profile of a Senior VET Teacher and  the Course Catalogue.

Exchange of criteria and opinions on the concept of Wellbeing in retirement that ZG wants to undertake from now on, starting from an initial Protocol.

Before finishing, places of interest for ZG that could be visited during 2023 by its partners were also discussed and the contacts that are being carried out with various organizations were announced: Ikaslan, FPEmpresa and Efvet.

Innovations at CIFP San Jorge
The visit to the CIFP San Jorge facilities gave us the opportunity to learn about 3 innovative projects that the centre has recently begun to promote:

Telki: The first FP Green Hydrogen space in Euskadi, which has several objectives: research, training, creating vocations, collaborating and using HV for self-consumption.
Next Mind: This project aims for a person to have control of the devices in a home. This type of interface, a Next Mind ribbon around the head that detects a person's brain activity to control devices and apply it to a home automation infrastructure. The autonomy of the individual could be increased and their quality of life improved.
5G Smart Cabinet: Innovative, complex and practical solution to manage the implementation of 5G efficiently and safely.