VET-Park Forum 2024



The 9th VET-Parke Forum, held at the Euskadi Technology Park, brought together a thousand Basque students to highlight the relevance and job opportunities offered by the Vocational Education and Training system in the scientific-technological field.

In this event, 210 students from different educational centres visited leading companies in Miñano, encouraging their interest in careers in science and technology. The authorities, the Minister of Economic Development, Arantxa Tapia, and the Minister of Education, Jokin Bildarratz, emphasized that 60% of business demand focuses on VET profiles, underlining their critical role in the innovation and industrial competitiveness of Euskadi.

This 9th Forum also included the round table section, in order to learn more about the experiences of several students.

A prize ceremony was also organized for the teams that best created a resume, after searching for information about the assigned company. A challenge that received 300 fictitious candidates.


  • The VET-Park Forum event stands out for its innovative approach in directly connecting students with the technological and scientific sector, underlining the importance of Vocational Training in the industry.


  • By bringing together students with leading companies, the forum not only fosters curiosity and interest in specific fields of study, but also demonstrates the practical value and job demand of these profiles in Euskadi.


  • This hands-on, hands-on approach is a positive model for vocational education, closely aligning training with labor market needs and promoting gender equality in STEM disciplines.

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