Sarah - The WHO Virtual Assistant



WHO has introduced Sarah, a digital advisor prototype, to offer health advice and assistance using AI. Sarah provides empathetic, personalized responses in eight languages. This tool covers a wide range of health topics, including mental health and the promotion of healthy habits, and also emphasizes the right of users to health care, regardless of their location.

Sarah stands out for her ability to provide accurate information on risk factors and resources for chronic diseases, healthy habits and stress management, among others, supporting WHO's mission to improve global health and reduce inequalities. The WHO Director-General highlights the organization's commitment to using digital technology to advance public health, underscoring Sarah's potential to improve access to reliable health information.

The assistant uses generative AI, which allows for more human dialogues adapted to each individual, free of biases and prejudices. WHO encourages continued research into this technology to maximize its benefits and address ethical challenges, such as equity in access and protection of personal data. The importance of developing and using AI within an ethical framework, considering human rights and global health needs, is emphasized.

Sarah represents an effort to encourage continuous learning and ensure access to accurate and accessible health information. This project symbolizes WHO's commitment to the use of digital technologies to disseminate vital health information through multiple platforms and media, emphasizing the importance of technological innovation in the field of public health.


Sarah's launch highlights several positive aspects in the field of public health, highlighting WHO's commitment to using digital technologies to improve access to health information and promote health equity.

Below is an analysis of the most notable positive aspects:

  • Technological innovation
  • Accessibility and Linguistic Diversity
  • Broad Health Topic Coverage
  • Emphasis on Ethics and Equity
  • Promotion of Research and Continuous Development


In conclusion, Project Sarah stands out for its innovative and ethical approach to improving access to health information. By responsibly integrating AI, WHO is leading the way toward a digital era in public health that promises to be more inclusive, accessible and equitable.

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