Zahar eta Gazte Elkartea is the non-profit Association of Senior VET Teachers in the Basque Country with extensive educational and management experience in technical education centres. It was founded to collaborate with the VET Vice-Ministry in organizing academic-type events and to support VET centres.

What we do

ZGE has designed a project for the period 2023-2026 which, expanding its workpackages, will serve as a roadmap to start offering training activities to senior VET teachers, and to undertake new initiatives. For example, innovation activities, EU projects, or collaboration with companies and other stakeholders.

ZGE, based on the analysis of relevant information for the VET system and for senior VET teachers, will share its points of view, disseminate its opinions, generate knowledge and define its position. ZGE will use various techniques and tools so that its actions and achievements acquire greater visibility and become sustainable over time.

Main aims

From the nature of ZG it can be derived that its aims also have a double meaning.

On the one hand, the inward-oriented goals, towards the members of the association:

On the other, looking outwards, the goals focused on the VET System, the worl of work and the society:

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