Working areas

The Zahar eta Gazte 2023 project brings forward a Work Plan that structures the activities into seven working areas, detailing the objectives, tasks, results to be achieved and responsibilities, distributing the budget according to the complexity of the tasks to be carried out.

Analysis and Positioning

A fundamental area of this project is Analysis and Positioning, which will collect and analyse information on relevant aspects that affect:

  • To Vocational  Education and Training and Lifelong Learning
  • To the life period of people, VET teachers, from the time of retirement onwards.

From this background, ZGE intends to be in a position to:

  • Create and express opinion. (Think Tank)
  • Mark its strategic position in the field of vocational education and training, general education, inclusion, values and socioeconomic transformations
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Support for the Vice Ministry of VET

ZGE will continue its work in support of the Basque Country's Vice Ministry of Vocational Education and Training. Active VET  was initially created for this activity. It will collaborate in:

  • Organize events, conferences, congresses and fairs when the Vice Ministry of VET requires support.
  • Management of projects run by the Vice-Ministry of VET (Skills, etc.)
  • Guidance on launching innovative projects.

ZGE members will use this opportunity to:

  • Update information on ongoing projects.
  • Strengthen relations with European institutions.
  • Exchange ideas about possible projects of interest.

Support for the VET centres

In addition, ZGE also wants to extend its support to the VET centres which, due to the know-how accumulated by ZGE members, request their collaboration and guidance for:

  • Reinforce and maintain the organizational culture and work habits which have been successful for the VET system iin recent decades.
  • Manage the VET projects history.


ZGE plans to take the necessary steps to start upskilling activities for senior VET teachers with the purpose of:

  • Updating their technical, digital and transversal skills. (communication, group work, solidarity, commitment, etc.)
  • Facing the life period beyond the labour market with the capacity and awareness of being full right citizens.
  • Avoiding technological, economic and social exclusion.


This is the space to undertake new actions and make inroads into future initiatives considered as appropriate:

  • Coordination of Spainskills, Euroskills.
  • Participation in European programmes.
  • Initiatives for the benefit of the Basque industrial tissue.