Collaboration with the LHL Association



Fernando Otaño


CIFP Miguel Altuna. Bergara




Collaboration in the management of the LHL Association, Lanbide Heziketaren Lagunak, created to cooperate with the Miguel Altuna Lanbide Heziketa, MAI, Institute in achieving its objectives:


  • Attend to the development of VET in Bergara, Antzuola, Elgeta and its region
  • Cooperation with MAI on all orders
  • The training of the people in the area in which this Association works
  • The training and recycling of the members of the Association
  • The provision of teaching services in the form of courses, training workshops, special classrooms and similar
  • Strengthen ties between its members, having special concern for the enrolled students
  • Promote the creation of development and research entities for the different technologies that local companies may demand.
Bidasoa LHIko Ikasle Ohien Elkartearen aurkezpena Zahar eta Gazte Elkartea