Mol Design for Polymer Products



Eugenio Alles Gómez


CIFP Miguel Altuna. Bergara


11 December 2023


In the higher cycle of Design in Mechanical Manufacturing (DFM) of the 2nd year and with the ETHAZI philosophy, 3 projects within the cycle are carried out during the course. One of them belongs to the Mold Design module for polymer products.


The project in this module consists of designing an injection mold for two-plate plastic parts.


One of the previous activities is to analyze an injection mold. The mold with which this activity is done is a three-opening mold that is easy to handle due to its size but remarkably difficult to put together, which became complicated to such an extent that it was then very difficult to reassemble it properly. Never before in school had there been been subjected to maintenance, that is, it was the first time that said injection mold had been dismantled, cleaned and reassembled.




To analyze the operation and arrangement of the different plates, different stages are carried out:

1.) Numerical arrangement of the different plates. Fixed side and mobile side.

2.) Classification and identification of guiding elements.

3.) Classification and identification of lashing elements.

4.) Classification and identification of guide stops in the mold opening.

5.) Classification and identification of position recovery elements. (springs)

Communication and sending of diagrams, plans and suggestions are carried out by email.

  • Estimated hours: 5