Creation of teaching material in the Mechanical Manufacturing Design Cycle (I)



Eugenio Alles Gómez


CIFP Miguel Altuna. Bergara


20 December 2023


One of the projects within the upper cycle of Design in Mechanical Manufacturing (DFM) of the 2nd year and with the philosophy of ETHAZI, consists of the Design of a progressive cutting die. The collaboration in this case consists of the creation of teaching material (varied typology of sheet metal pieces) providing, at the same time, calculation correction sheets and results based on the proposed proposal.

Students work in several teams and several pieces. Interacting with the proposed pieces proposing variations and different changes, that is, depending on the proposed or chosen piece they can always change the operations chart, which would give rise to the final design of the cutting and bending tooling (die).


Goals. Result correction sheets:

1º) Make a design of a bent sheet metal part with dimensions and parameters with material characteristics.

2º) Argue mathematically and graphically the calculation of the development of the sheet metal.

3º) Perform a mathematical and graphical calculation of the elastic recovery

4º) Arrange cutting and bending punches based on their arrangement in the possible proposed operations chart. (There are always other possible arrangements)

5º) Send plans and graphic arguments.

The valuation is very positive. Knowledge transfer and collaboration (sending sketches, plans and suggestions) is done by email.

Estimated hours: 12