Design of Sheet Metal Processing and Stamping Tools



Eugenio Alles Gómez


CIFP Miguel Altuna. Bergara


17 January 2023


In the Higher Cycle of Mechanical Design and Manufacturing  (DFM) of the 2nd year and with the ETHAZI philosophy, 3 projects within the CYCLE are carried out during the course. One of them belongs to the DESIGN MODULE OF SHEET SHEET PROCESSING AND STAMPING TOOLS.

The project in this Module consists of designing a cutting and bending die for several pieces of sheet metal proposed by the teacher. One of the pieces proposed to one of the working group has two folds.

The problem and difficulty prior to the design of the bending die is NOT to calculate the radii and angles of the bending die; There is a formulated procedure for such calculations. The difficulty consists in arranging the bending matrix with the bending angles and radii that allow a correct part after its elastic recovery. This is where the difficulty and doubt lies.

  They send me a plan of the sheet metal in AutoCad by email. After exchanging opinions and opinions regarding the piece, I send you my opinion, (I believe it is correct) through several drawings and plans. Collaboration is fast and effective.


Goals and resources:

1st) Design a matrix of two bends, taking into account the return or elastic recovery factor of the material of a given piece.

2st) Argue said design graphically and mathematically.

3st) Send plans and graphic arguments.

Communication and sending of diagrams, plans and suggestions are carried out by email.


  • Estimated hours: 5