Creation of teaching material in the Mechanical Manufacturing Design Cycle (III)



Eugenio Alles Gómez


CIFP Miguel Altuna. Bergara


25 March 2024


We continue with the dynamic of collaboration with the center regarding the Creation of Didactic Material, within the Higher Degree Formative Cycle Development of Mechanical Projects.

The sheet metal piece with similar characteristics, in this case offers a slightly higher level of difficulty, especially in the final part of bending and separating the strap. As we always highlight, the arrangement of the piece on the strap and the subsequent cutting and bending sequencing is susceptible to being changed. The trading card and folding can be changed and other alternatives looked for, which would be interesting. The proposed approach is simply a suggestion.

In the proposed approach we carry out a series of calculations that we detail in the following sheet, which will shape the subsequent design of the dies and punches within the final tooling (DIE).


Calculations, graphic representation (AutoCad 2D). Result correction sheets:

1º) Make a design of a bent sheet metal part with dimensions and parameters with material characteristics.

2º) Argue mathematically and graphically the calculation of the development of the sheet metal.

3º) Perform a mathematical and graphical calculation of the elastic recovery

4º) Make arrangement of cutting and bending punches based on their arrangement in the possible proposed operations chart. (There are always other possible arrangements)

5º) Calculation of the use (%) of the material.

6º) Calculation of Forces (Cutting, extraction and expulsion

7º) Calculation of Centers of Gravity (CDG)

8º) Send plans and graphic arguments.

The valuation is very positive. Knowledge transfer and collaboration (sending sketches, plans and suggestions) is done by email.

Estimated hours: 25