VET Olympics in Valencian: Safety, Health and Environment Management



Iñaki Konde


Feria Valencia


March 2023


"The Skills" are the VET skills competitions organized by the Ministry of Education. They are a means to stimulate students, teachers and companies; and a platform for exchange and debate on the quality and innovation of the different fields.

In addition to the competitions at regional and state level, there are WorldSkills and EuroSkills, non-profit organizations that organize VET competitions every two years. The objective is to spread information and share knowledge about professional skills, bringing together VET institutions, companies and leading associations. It is also a way to promote quality, innovation and cultural exchange between professionals from all over the world.

Spain belongs to these organizations, which is why it organizes the Spainskills (VET national championship), to select the students who will represent Spain in the European and world competitions.

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