Regional VET studies



Joxean Egaña


IMH Elgoibar


2017/2028 and 20182019 Academic year


Collaboration with the IMH as a participant in regional Vocational Education and Training studies in Navarra, La Rioja and Castilla la Mancha, led by Orkestra and financed by Bankia.

The general objective consisted of the analysis of the Vocational Education and Training systems of the 3 communities and their adaptation to their productive specialization and sustainable development strategy.

The objective was to participate in the development of online surveys and scripts for conducting interviews with management teams of the VET centres in these regions.

Go along with the people from Bankia and Orkestra to the interviews, draft the corresponding reports and participate in comparison sessions with VET teachers.


The fundamental contribution is that the field work and the reports carried out have been well valued. A vision based on our VET experience has also been transferred, and it has provided qualitative elements that have been well valued too.


Estimated hours: 450