Technical Conference: RITE 2007 (2018-2019 Academic year)



Ignacio Fernández Sainz


CIFP Elorrieta - Erreka Mari


March 20, 2019


Within the programme of complementary activities to the training of students of the Higher Degree Cycle “Maintenance of thermal and fluid installations” of the professional area “Installation and Maintenance”, a Technical Conference on regulations for thermal installations called “Regulations” is scheduled. of thermal installations in Buildings - RITE 2007”, with a duration of 3 hours, to be held on March 20, 2019 at the CIFP Elorrieta - Erreka Mari. Bilbao

At the end of the Technical Conference, the presentation with explanations of the conference, prepared by the speaker, will be delivered as a Power Point to be distributed among the attendees.


Estimated hours: 3